Accommodation on the Kerry Way

Selected Accommodation

There is a wide range of accommodation along the Kerry Way. Although there may be other options for places to stay in some of the towns, the ones listed on this site are selected for their experience in dealing with walkers. Where possible, we aim to give a range of different budget options for each village.

Bed and Breakfasts

The humble bed and breakfast provides the backbone of the tourism industry in Ireland. These are generally family homes that are renowned for their 'céad mile fáilte' meaning 'a hundred thousand welcomes' when translated into English.

If the listed bed and breakfast is some distance from the trail, one will usually find the owner prepared to collect guests from the nearest convenient point. This will involve making an advance arrangement giving the host plenty of notice!

Hikers who are looking for traditional Irish hospitality can find a selection of houses on the Bed and Breakfasts webpage.

Guest Houses

Although some accommodation might be advertised elsewhere as a 'Bed and Breakfast', for the purpose of this website they will be reclassed as a 'Guest House' if they serve evening meals.

Evening meals need to be booked in advance with most Guest Houses. This gives the hosts time to buy the right amount of fresh ingredients and also plan their own personal time each day. Any dietary requirements should be highlighted in advance.

Walkers who want to go no further for an evening meal each night can find their accommodation listed on the Guest Houses page.


The recent building boom in Ireland has seen many new hotels spring up around the country. Apart from expecting more modern decor and a general higher standard of service, one will also notice more special deals on offer across the board. Those walking the Kerry Way, especially out of peak season, may consider building in some package offers to coincide with rest days from the trail.


Guests can usually expect to have bed-linen included in the price at Irish hostels. Although kitchens allow for self-catering, some hostels can provide meals at an additional cost. Back-packers looking for buget accommodation can check the Hostels page.

Farm Houses

Many of the B&Bs and Guest Houses on the Kerry Way are on farmsteads. In County Kerry, this usually means a farm keeping sheep or cattle. Hikers who want to experience life on the farm can find the relevant accommodation on the Farm Houses page.

Town Houses

Each town and village on the Kerry Way has its own character and charm. Walkers who enjoy the hustle and bustle and want to be within easy walking distance of pubs and restaurants can find the right accommodation on the Town Houses webpage.

Historic Houses

There are a wide range of houses to stay in on the Kerry Way which all have their own stories to tell. From 'Traditional Cottages' around since the times of the Irish Famine, to 'Manor Houses' that remember the days when Ireland was under British Rule, to the more modest 'Family Homesteads' that have been passed down through the generations. Walkers looking for somewhere with real character can look through the webpage on Historic Houses.

Luggage Transfers

Upon closer examination of the accommodation listings, walkers will find that many places will facilitate the transferral of luggage from one point on the trail to the next. This is either done by the host during a quiet part of their morning or they will secure the services of a taxi. The pricing of this service vary from place to place, depending on the road distance between accommodations.

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