Towns and Villages on the Kerry Way

Gaeltacht Areas

Certain areas in Kerry are located in what is called a 'Gaeltacht' area. This means Irish is the everyday spoken language in the community. In a controversial move, the Irish Government has ordered that all place-names in these areas are to overrule their more commonplace anglicised versions which have now been outdated. Please take the time to become familiar with the Irish equivalent of popular towns as signage on roadsides will no longer read with an English translation.

The Kerry Way passes through an array of different sized towns and villages, starting with the largest town of Killarney and following immediately to its polar opposite of Black Valley where there is a real sense of being in the wilderness. These differences in size mean of course that facilities available are also going to change from locality to locality.

The following pages have been written to help highlight what services are available at each of the stop-off points on the Kerry Way so you can plan your journey more effectively and be properly prepared for what lies ahead. Aside to knowing where to stock up on supplies along the trail, it is also important to note at which points cash can be withdrawn from ATM Machines. Do not depend on credit cards as not everywhere will accept them.

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