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Scenic Walks in Killarney

  • Publisher: Collins Press
  • Author: Jim Ryan
  • Pages: 90 (Full Colour)
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 20cm
  • Published: 2012 (1st Edition)
  • Retail Price: €9.99

This book is ideally suited to anyone walking the Kerry Way that would like to bookend their holiday with a few extra days in Killarney. With 18 short, low-level walks to chose from, the book provides a perfect opportunity to warm up before starting out on the Kerry Way and gently wind down after having completed the trail. Although most of the walks are between 1-5km long, it is easy to merge some of the shorter routes to form something more substantial.

The book starts with an overview map of Killarney National Park which highlights the location of each walk. The following route descriptions are accompanied with their own localised maps. The guide is generously illustrated throughout with colour photographs that support the text.

Killarney National Park is brought to life through a series of insightful notes on the local history and folklore, detailed explanations behind the geographical formations in the region and plenty of observations on the wildlife and plant species that are native to Kerry.

Killarney Walks include...

  • Killarney to Ross Castle: 5km
  • Ross Island Circuit: 4.5km
  • Aghadoe to St Mary's Cathedral: 4.5km
  • Muckross Gardens, Arboretum & Traditional Farms: 3km
  • The Arthur Young Nature Trail: 5km
  • The Old Boathouse Nature Trail: 1km
  • Muckross Abbey Circuit: 1.5km
  • The Blue Pool Nature Trail: 1.5km
  • The Cloghereen Nature Trail: 1km
  • Circuit of Muckross Lake: 10km
  • Torc Waterfall Circuit: 5km
  • Torc Mountain: 9km
  • Lord Brandon's Cottage and Return by Boat: 14km
  • The Black Valley Circuit: 13km
  • Mangerton Mountain Circuit: 10km
  • Hag's Glen Circuit: 5km
  • Circuit of Tomies Wood: 9.5km
  • The Gap of Dunloe: 5.5km

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