Circuit of Seefin from Glenbeigh

Distance: 12km | Ascent: 350m | Time: 4hrs 30mins

View of the MacGillycuddy Reeks over Lough Caragh, County Kerry
The MacGillycuddy Reeks beyond Lough Caragh.

Start: Glenbeigh Church (V 6695 9105)

Finish: Glenbeigh Church (V 6695 9105)

OS Map: No. 78

Grade: Easy

The Circuit of Seefin retraces around 4km of the previous section of the Kerry Way. The trail goes back over the Windy Gap and to Gortdirragh, where the path from Glencar originally split in two. Travelling back in the opposite direction will allow for a different perspective on what was experienced the day before.

From the centre of Glenbeigh, the trail follows a quiet back road for 1km, gradually ascending 40m. Turning left into a cul-de-sac at Gowlane, the next 1km of road eventually deteriorates into a boreen. A further ascent of around 110m, gives enough height to appreciate the views of Rossbeigh Hill and White Strand.

After passing the last house on the lane, the path changes to a rocky track and then begins to steepen. The remaining 1km to Windy Gap climbs up 130m through Cummergorm Glen. The mountain pass crosses the shoulder of Seefin at around 330m.

Views of the distant MacGillycuddy Reeks suddenly come into view upon passing through Windy Gap. The trail descends 120m over next 1km to Gortdirragh and meets the trail from Glencar. The Seefin Circuit stays level and continues straight ahead.

The next 3km are a pleasant walk on a boreen that overlooks Lough Caragh. The serene setting hosts boats of fishermen out trying to catch salmon. The rocky road gets upgraded to a tarmac surface upon reaching a farmstead at Cosha North.

Once back on the road, the next 3km descend back down to the main 'Ring of Kerry' road. The trail passes over a saddle between Treanmanagh and Commaun, giving final views of the mature River Caragh entering the Sea at Rosbehy Point. The road soon closes in with hedgerow lining the roadside.

The final 2km lead back into Glenbeigh along a busy stretch of road. Rossbeigh Hill, with its wooded flank, lies directly ahead at the opposite end of the village.

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